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Vision And Mission  

The D.A.V institutions are the gift of the Arya Samaj, a progressive movement founded by Swami Dayanand Saraswati in 1875.Swami Dayanand Saraswati, the great path-finder of modern India, led a crusade against the superstitions and pernicious practices that had engulfed the contemporary India.
With a view to bring about a balanced and harmonious development of the future citizens of this country and to infuse in them ideas of Vedic Culture and high sense of patriotism, Arya Samaj founded a school at Lahore in 1886 by the name of DAYANAND ANGLO VEDIC SCHOOL.This establishment led to a further foundation of the D. A.V. College Trust and Management Society which later setup a network of such Educational Institutions all over India and abroad.
The D.A.V. Movement would not have achieved its goal if it had not young brilliant graduate-Mahatma Hansraj, the first Principal of the first DAV institution who offered his honorary services as jeevan Daan’ for 25 years. Matchless also is the sacrifice of his brother, Lala Mulkraj who fulfilled his pledge of supporting Hansraj’s family all these years.

Aims & Objectives :

The institute aims at providing holistic education for the all round development of the child Physical, Mental, Moral and Emotional to their full potential –worthy citizens of their nation and of the international community.

To meet this end, our objectives for him are :
*To develop an effective command over languages and communication.
*To imbibe a scientific temper of curiosity, awareness and understanding of everything.
*To think, see and do things for himself, become self-reliant, self-respecting and self-confident.
*To promote creativity, initiative and individuality. To promote an ambience for ‘learning by doing.
*To acquire physical fitness, co-ordination and skills. To be disciplined, well mannered and cultured, tolerant and liberal, a co-operative and caring human being.
*To keep his pace with rapidly advancing world, but retain timeless values of honesty, integrity, generosity, concern and respect.

The strength and success of D.A.V. School lie in the harmonious blend of science and technology with a sound grounding of ancient vedic culture. The aim of D.A.V. School is to inculcate in the students a thirst for knowledge, devotion to duty, honesty, patriotic fervour besides humanism . We impart an education “ to Build” and an education “to serve.”
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